6 things to do if you have a supermarket accident

supermarket cartIf you have an accident in a supermarket, probably the first feeling that you will experience is embarrassment. Slipping and tripping and either falling on your backside or landing face down in front of strangers is a very upsetting experience. Some will probably be kind and try to help you up, but you may also feel conscious that some are laughing at you.

Embarrassment aside, the next thing you are likely to feel is pain, perhaps to your back if you’ve slipped, but also to your head, arms, legs – depending on how you fall. But you need to quickly gather your wits, as if you have injured yourself, and have done so through no fault of your own, then you may be able to make a claim for your injuries.

In order to make a claim, the accident needs to have at least partly been the fault of someone else, so your solicitor will need to prove that the supermarket did something wrong. This isn’t always easy, so to help you need to remember to do these 6 things.

1. Take photos of the accident and the scene of the accident, including of the spillage itself, of any signs (or lack of them), of any obstructions in the aisle, and anything else which you think is appropriate. If you are taking close up photos, try to include something to give a sense of scale, such as a coin.

2. Get the names and contact details or any potential witnesses, i.e. other shoppers who were around you when you fell and saw what happened.

3. Take notes of what happened – it is amazing how quickly you can forget key details, especially if you are in shock or in pain. Taking thorough notes will help you to remember when questioned, and will also mean you focus on the supermarket aisle around you.

4. Go to the doctor or hospital. If the injury doesn’t require medical attention then you won’t be able to claim compensation for it. As well as getting you medical treatment, this will also make sure that the incident is recorded.

5. Contact a successful personal injury solicitor as soon as possible. If it comes to making a claim, you will be doing so against the supermarket’s insurance company. They will be highly experienced in these types of personal injury cases and will try to avoid paying any compensation to victims, or as little as possible. You need an expert to take them on. They will be able to decide if someone is to blame for your accident and if you have a valid case.

6. Act quickly! To successfully bring a case for personal injury compensation, the accident needs to have happened within the last 3 years. If you leave it too late then important details may be forgotten by you or your witnesses. Acting quickly also gives your solicitor more time to put together a case.

Of course, it could just be that you fell over your feet, and therefore the supermarket did nothing wrong at all and you don’t have a case. But if spillages were not cleaned up, wet floor signs forgotten, aisles obstructed or shelves overfilled then you should contact a solicitor.

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